Lotto Strategies

5 Great Lotto Strategies to Win Big

If you're dead serious about increasing your odds of winning the lottery, any large amount would suffice, then these 5 lotto strategies just might help you out.

While some chalk off winning the lottery as nothing more than pure dumb luck, there are many lotto players who strongly believe certain strategies and tactics will help increase your chances. There are actually multiple lottery players who have won large cash prizes several times over, each with a system and strategy in place.

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Here's a few.

5 Great Strategies for Winning the Lottery

1) Quick Pick

People continue to debate whether using your own numbers or using the Quick Pick feature increases your odds. Sure, there are a larger number of jackpot winners who use Quick Pick, but then again, most players overall use Quick Pick. But, whatever your decision is regarding your own numbers or Quick Pick, stick with a single approach.

2) Buy Multiple Tickets

It just makes sense: the more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances are of winning. Instead buying all those tickets yourself, consider forming a lotto group, or syndicate of players who each chip in a certain amount each week or month. Sure, you have to share your winnings, but sharing is caring. And if you do form a group and decide to buy tickets on monthly basis, you must buy a larger amount.

3) Play Specific Games

Simply put, certain games just offer better odds than others. While the odds of winning the grand prize might be better, the odds of winning any prize at all may be lower. Find out what type of odds you prefer per prize tier, and stick with those games.

4) Take Advantage of Second Chance Draws

Some lottery games offer a Second Chance drawing to players in the event there is no winning ticket purchased. It's best to play lotto games that offer a Second Chance drawing, in which case there will always be a grand prize winner who becomes a millionaire.

5) Choose A Balanced Mix of Numbers

Keep in mind that while most people like to choose their own numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable dates, only using this approach severely limits your chances of winning since there are only 31 days in any given month. By choosing numbers higher than 31, there's a greater chance that you will not have to split your winnings with another player. Including a balanced mix of odd/even and high/low numbers is also a great approach.