Lottosend: is it the best online lottery site?

Lottery games are always designed with the idea of fun, enjoying the experience and just taking things to the next level. But the reality is that you do want to win there, so being able to enjoy multiple lottery games can actually increase your chances. Most countries all over the world are limited to just a handful of lotteries per country however. Lottosend is the type of site that helps you get access to multiple lotteries and it just makes it easier for you to enjoy your time in there as you go along.

Lottosend is a company created in 2013 in Slovakia, but it does have offices all over the world. What makes it very nice is the fact that it helps you play the fun lottery games you always wanted and you get to experience and enjoy all of that in your own single way. That, combined with the fact that the site is always evolving and adding new features is really exciting. It really shows that they are focused on making the entire experience very fun and it does tend to work very well because of it.

Lottosend is one of the sites that always try to make the gaming experience interesting for customers. It’s exciting, a lot of fun and it can bring in front some tremendous ideas in the end. It really helps you obtain some great results, and the value will be very enjoyable because of it. Plus, the ability to purchase tickets to some of the best lotteries in the world is always a nice thing to have.

What lotteries are supported on Lottosend?

Basically, if you have a favorite major lottery in the world, Lottosend most likely supports it. That’s the thing that makes this site shine, the fact that you get so many amazing opportunities and it really is a fun and delightful experience for everyone. From Mega Millions to Powerball, SuperLotto or EuroJackpot, there are tons of nice lotteries that you can choose to play at thanks to Lottosend. Yes, it really goes to show that you can have a fun and great experience as a whole here, one of the crucial aspects that you can enjoy and explore as you go along. You should totally check that out for sure, as it’s nice to play with so many great lotteries out there!

Getting a scanned ticket

It’s hard to find Lottosend complains and if is Lotto send legit or not without actually playing. We used the Lottosend reviews as the best opportunity to test this. Unlike other sites that feel like a scam, Lottosend is actually legit. It offers you a copy of the scanned ticket. You can see right away that they are legit and they actually use the money to get your ticket. Not all sites like this do something similar, so obviously this does bring in front a great sense of credibility and it does help quite a lot in the end,

Lottosend website

When you visit their site, you will like the fact that there’s an approachable design to it. Everything looks great here, and there’s that value and interesting set of visuals that can help you quite a lot. It really shows the type of great experience and quality that you can obtain from this sort of site, and it can be a touching experience for sure.

As a whole, the Lottosend review experience was a pleasant one. The account screen is pretty basic and you don’t really get a good experience to be honest. But as a whole, the results you can get are pretty much worth it and you will not have to worry that. Lottosend delivers an incredible set of experiences and the overall outcome can be quite impressive because of it. Yes, there can be some interesting new ideas to take into consideration and the experience can indeed be quite tricky at times. But even so, the website does a very good job at conveying the information and it works really well if you take everything into account.

Customer service

Working with the Lottosend customer service was a delight. We used the Lotto send reviews experience as a purpose to call them via the phone. They didn’t know who we were, so we saw exactly how they treat their clients. We say that they were very professional and in the end the overall experience was quite an interesting one. 

Plus, they also offer email support. This is pretty fast too, but if you want a quick reply you may want to call or use the instant chat support. Yes, there’s an instant chat experience to be had here and you will be quite happy with the entire experience in the end. It’s a good idea to think about and the value that you can get is quite interesting too.


In case you win, all your money are added to the account. You can see how much you earned and you can withdraw them from the bank account pretty fast. It’s a really interesting experience to be had and one of the best that you can find out there. Granted, they don’t offer any other withdrawal option, which is a bit bad if you think about it. But in the end, the best thing you can do is to adapt to the situation and things could be more than ok.

Pros and cons

Sure, Lottosend has a less than ideal user account page and there are some ways to go when it comes to games. But on the other hand, they do offer a lot of discounts on the raffles, you get a welcome bonus as well as a wide range of deposit methods. Even if you are limited to withdraw to the bank account, this actually makes sense.

It’s a good idea to use Lottosend if you are a fan of lotteries and you want to just enjoy the experience. It’s certainly a lot of fun and it can bring you tons of cool and funny moments. You should try it out for sure, and the entire set of results can be quite amazing!