Swiss Lotto

All About the Swiss Lotto

Since its inception, the Swiss Lotto – Switzerland's most popular lottery game – has made well over 600 Swiss millionaires and counting. Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday. Players win matching all 6 main numbers ranging from 1 to 42, as well as an additional Lucky Number ranging from 1 to 6.

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The Swiss Lotto offers eight different prize divisions. Any prize won valued at under $1,000 is tax free. The main jackpot starts at CHF 1.5 million, with a rollover occurring each time the winning ticket combination is not claimed.

The Swiss Lotto jackpot set a new record on December 17th, 2016 three different players shared a massive CHF 70.1 million, breaking the previous record set in August 2013 when a jackpot worth CHF 48.6 million was won.

Unfortunately, the odds of winning any single Swiss Lotto prize are 1 in 31 – not that great. But there are a few ways to increase your chances of nabbing a prize from Switzerland's largest lotto game.

Use the Skipped Games Approach

For each of the winning numbers that found their way on the five most recent winning jackpot tickets, list the number of times those numbers were skipped before becoming a hit. Jot down the number of times for each successive skip. For any number that was skipped between 0 and 5 times, play the lotto numbers that have been out for that many games.

Find A Balanced Sum

After deciding on the sets of lucky numbers you would like to play, add each number together and make sure the total is somewhere between 100 and 158. The number combination sums that fall within this range will make up over 70% of all winning lottery jackpots.